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Tilnar Cycle Challenge

The Global Charity Challenge for Serious, Leisure, Family & School Cyclists YOU can RIDE ANYWHERE in the WORLD. How far can you cycle for charity? – 1, 5, 10 & 15 Hour Time Categories

Main Day: 28th June 2020

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge INSPIRES YOU to see how far you can cycle for charity. Whether your aim is to ride 2 or 200 miles, 15 mins or up to 15 hours, on roads, tracks or even on a static bike, this is the challenge for you.

Ride your own route from your front door. No matter where in the World you live, no matter what age or ability, riding solo or with friends, if you can ride a bike, you can enter!


Remember TILNAR – This Is Life Not A Rehearsal so step up to the Tilnar Cycle Challenge TODAY & #ChallengeYourLimits4Charity

Entry Packs

Adult Entry - £4.95

(Plus £5.00 donation to charity)

U16 Child - FREE!


Tower Nutrition - Our main sponsor

2019 Preview



Then challenge your friends, family and colleagues

Tilnar Cycle Challenge - 2017
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The Tilnar Cycle Challenge

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is a Global Charity Challenge inspiring you to cycle as far as you can in 1, 5, 10 or up to 15 hours (6am – 9pm). The next Main Event Day is Sunday 23rd June 2019 but Challengers can do their ride anytime in the 2 weeks either side of the main day if they choose.

Participants can choose to start and finish anytime within the 6am to 9pm time limits and they choose their own route. For some it will be a chance to compare their cycling endurance on their own local roads to all other participants.

Others will regard it more as a social day with a leisurely start time. An opportunity to have an enjoyable cycle, at their own pace, whilst raising funds for charity. It is YOUR CHALLENGE and YOU DECIDE.

You record your efforts on your cycle computer, app or manually if you’re an occasional cyclist.

Once you have completed the challenge, you can enter your results on this website and download your Personal Distance Achievement Certificate. You can also compare your efforts against others in a wide range of Challenge Categories.

Tilnar Cycle Challenge Big Group - 2017
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Get Involved

Participating is easy. You can plan your own route or join up with others in your local area. You can ENTER ANYWHERE in the WORLD. No expensive travel arrangements to start points 100s of miles away. You can start from your own front door!

It is your day and you decide how you want to take part. You can either go out for a solo ride, or plot a more organised route with friends and family around a base, or even join a more formal organised event.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge will give you a INSPIRATIONAL TARGET to aim for each year. It will INSPIRE YOU to dust off your bike and cycle. The distances ridden by our challengers have ranged from 1 to 255 miles and everyone wants to cycle further next time.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge INSPIRED Challengers to ride over 50,000 miles! Get Inspired & help the Tilnar Cycle Challenge cycle round the world in 2020.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge wants to inspire Cycle Clubs to compete against other Cycle Clubs across the world in our Cycle Clubs Total Distance Category.  Our Global Partner, Tower Nutrition, wants to inspire cycle clubs to take part by offering a Tower Nutrition pack worth £250 to the winning club who cycles the furthest total distance.  See our Cycle Club section for more information.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge wants to INSPIRE the NEXT GENERATION so U16s can now ENTER for FREE. Schools can Get Involved and hold School Events at any time during the year in the Tilnar Cycle Challenge. See our Schools Section for more info.

Tilnar Cycle Challenge Kenya Charity Visit
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Charity is the Winner

Adult ENTRY is £4.95 (which includes free insurance with Cycleplan) plus a £5.00 donation to your chosen charity, either Cancer Research UKRe~Cycle or Porridge and Rice, who support children in the slums of Nairobi.

Once entered, you will also have the opportunity to raise sponsorship for any charity of your choice, making the Tilnar Cycle Challenge a great fundraising event for all charities. The Tilnar Cycle Challenge has helped generate over £40,000 for charities in its first 5 years.

Charities will be able to Get Involved by encouraging supporters to enter on their behalf to raise sponsorship for their cause or by organising their own event.

Charities and local businesses will also be able to become recognised bases around which cyclists can plan their routes. This way all your supplies will be in one place and friends and family can have a social day at the base whilst you cycle.

Enter now, set the date, and remember TILNAR – This ILife Not A Rehearsal so step up to the challenge today. Get Inspired. Please Like, Share, Tweet & ENTER

Get Inspired and Get Involved and join our Tilnar Cycle Challengers Group on Facebook and Tilnar Cycle Challenge Club on Strava.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is proud to be supporting the following charities

Cancer Research UK

Porridge and Rice

Bikes to Africa

Many thanks to our Main Corporate Partners this year

Many thanks to all our junior sponsors


John Sear Banner

The Bike Bible

Sending Bikes to Africa





Tilnar Art

Meta Fitness


Tilnar Cycle Challenge Admin Fees

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is structured so that every entrant makes a guaranteed donation to charity. We want charity to be the main beneficiary from the Tilnar Cycle Challenge. As you can see there is a small admin/entry charge to try and cover some of the costs in setting up, running and printing tens of thousands of flyers and posters in promoting the challenge, postage costs, website charges etc. To date the admin fees have not covered these costs. The set up and running costs have been funded by Tom Hawes, his Fair Trade business, Tilnar Art, and through some other individuals and companies generosity, most notably Jock Turner from First Class Web Design, and Chris Latham from CT productions and our main corporate partners. 1,000s of free man hours have been given to the Tilnar Cycle Challenge as we are passionate about cycling and creating a challenge that could one day become cycling’s equivalent to the marathon. The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is a social enterprise/not for profit company. We hope you will be inspired to enter the Tilnar Cycle Challenge, ride a bike and see how many miles you can cycle. #ChallengeYourLimits4Charity.